Why this…?!

Posted: January 13, 2012 by Ben Weber in English
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So…! What is this all about..?! A young married couple: Me and  Natalia, having a pre-mid-life crisis? Why are we doing this..?!

Good question! Lots of reasons really, many deep set and difficult to explain. We could go on about clichés of childhood dreams, and for me many of those clichés are quite real. One could help read the stories of Scott of the Antarctic and his race with Amundsen without being amazed. The stories of the explorers going off into the unknown; Marco Polo through Asia and along the Silk Road; Livingstone and Mungo Park in Africa; then Hillary and Tenzing and the quest to ascend Everest…

Deep seated reasons, and then a spark with a thought that set this whole thing off… you know, people when they think about going around, they think about going from east to west (or vice-versa). One day, I thought about this and thought that it would actually be much more interesting to go from north to south and do a circle that way. You get to see much more change in environments from each change in latitude, both human and environmental and you get to experience the different cultures all at the same time. Cultures in the mountains, in the forests, deserts, all varying and adapting in their own ways to the natural environments – environments which, though they can be extreme in many ways, are incredibly vulnerable to the changes that are happening around us.

The only hard points are a couple of poles, a few continents to cross and perhaps a few rather tall mountains here and there… so hey, we might as well do it while we can, before the kids and family start appearing!!

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