Back to Brazil

Posted: January 14, 2012 by Ben Weber in English
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So, arrived back in Brazil this morning after a good 11 and a half hour flight from London with TAM. Lots of work to do!

London was great – not just because it is a fantastic city, but also because it was quite productive from the point of view of developing this expedition. Spoke with Shane Winser of the Royal Geographical Society who was able to provide plenty of tips and made me think about pretty important questions in terms of the development of the project.

Was also able to get some decent climbing shoes and harnesses by Boreal and Black Diamond at a store there – much better prices than in Brazil. We haven’t been climbing very long but in just trying these shoes at the store the difference between these shoes and the rented shoes we had been using at the gym was very noticeable. Seriously felt like superman climbing up the test wall as the shoes felt so secure. Got some magnesium chalk powder/bags as well which will definitely be useful as when you start getting sweat on the hands when climbing, it makes life seriously harder for yourself. Looking forward to getting back to the wall tomorrow to try everything out.

So now am back. Lots of other equipment to get and this is just the start – basic needs for initial rock climbing. When we go to Bolivia for high altitude mountaineering, we are going to need quite a massive shopping list!

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