On the climbing wall again

Posted: January 15, 2012 by Ben Weber in English
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So after a lunch at Roperto’s in Bixiga (very good food, incidentally, though it would be nice if they could say what is and what is not included in the price… not much at all for example, but simple things like bread… hmmm ah well, maybe am being petty, but it was a little surprise!)… and back to the climbing wall.

We had been to Casa da Pedra a few times before Christmas and New Year, and my trip back to England,

Casa de Pedra climbing gym, São Paulo

so this was the first time in three weeks we had been there. Slightly out of the practice we had been in, but it was good to be back. We also went with a friend, Ericksen, and it was good to have the extra company (came for a one-off free trial).

I had bought myself new climbing shoes in England, as well as safety harnesses for us both. I wasn’t able to get Natalia any as one really does need to try these shoes on and try them out before buying – they have to fit really nice and tightly to the foot – can’t be loose at all and, for the trainee climber, doesn’t have to be ridiculously. Otherwise, they can be torture. Though it is great the gym lets us use inhouse climbing shoes, Natalia used them there and she was in quite a bit of pain by the end of the session. She definitely needs to get some ones of her own sooner rather than later.

First time up and I managed to get to the top without loosing grip, which was nice. Had to pause for quite a bit three quarters of the way there, and then just as I reached the top, I felt my blood pressure drop and I was surprised I didn’t faint – felt really rather terrible. Ericksen was belaying and was being taught by the teacher how to do it. I was mentally urging him to get a move on and it seemed like a true eternity by the time my feet touched the ground. When I did, I think both Natalia and Ericksen could see that I was extremely pale. Solution? Bit of a rest, water and salt under the tongue – right as rain within ten minutes or so, and ready to go. Natalia made it to the top afterwards very quickly – much quicker than I did; she is picking it all up very well. Ericksen did pretty well for a first time and he, as a single guy, had the added bonus of meeting a quite a nice girl who was there by herself at the wall. I wonder if they will meet again – I think Ericksen will probably start there at least for a month subscription…!)!

Tried other, harder walls later on, with greater overhangs and inclinations. Very hard though definitely doable for us. The last one we tried neither of us managed, though I got very close to the top after a loosing grip about ten times or so. My strength just alluded me and my hands were hurting from the grip – and no matter how much magnesium chalk I put on to absorb the sweat, I just kept slipping. I think I was about one grip off the top before, cursing myself in the process, I asked Natalia to lower me down. Good fun, and we will be back again tomorrow. The more practice the better, and these are early days so we were happy with the days’ work.  Next time will get some pictures of us climbing!

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