A bit more about training (or torture..?!)

Posted: January 21, 2012 by Ben Weber in Training, Uncategorized
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Well it has been a week since have been back in Sao Paulo and we have been going to the climbing wall and gym every day since then. There is something about just training at the gym that I really don’t like though I guess I am going to have to get used to it as we will be there pretty much continuously for the next couple of years or so if we want to get into good enough shape to do this project (though I am looking forward to when we get new bikes so we can go into the mountains around the city). I am pretty much fluent in Portuguese, though gym/muscle-talk … well, even in English it is pretty hard for me to remember what is what and which is which. The trainer at the gym… she kind of looks at me as if I am a bit stupid (she is probably right though!) every time she needs to explain to me what equipment I need to use and how I should use it. Also there is the monotony of it all, that’s why I prefer the climbing part.

Slowly but surely progressing with the climbing. Getting to the top of the wall isn’t really a problem anymore, so we are now getting ourselves to really follow the trails. These I guess are better for training with the technical skills such as turning your body and balance, rather than just lumbering up like spiderman! Not sure if it is the same with every climbing wall across the world, but the trails at this wall are divided into difficulties, white, yellow, green, red and blue. After a few times trying, I finally managed to do a traverse of the entire wall along the yellow trail – extremely pleased with myself!! Natalia almost made it but she was much better than me with climbing up along the yellow trail, and made it to the top twice with no mistakes.

First couple of attempts with me and I managed half-way before my hands got sweaty and my energy ran out (I think having been doing some weights beforehand didn’t help though!). The next day, back again, same route, first time and again just half way. Watched Natalia manage it, and this time decided to really go for it… So close!!!! About half a metre from the top and I just couldn’t quite do it! So close to being able to get the last foot and hand holds, though my hands were sweaty (in spite of being covered in chalk!) and the tendon in my right arm was starting to hurt a bit… swearing quite loudly, I just grabbed hold of one of the green trail holds, got myself to the top and looked a bit dejectedly at Natalia for her to lower me down. Next time, I will make it – that half way point was really the killer for me, and was happy that I managed to navigate it.

So day off last night – to give my tendon a bit of time to recover; I have a habit of overdoing things, and would really rather not this happen on this occasion!

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