Facing a fear of heights…

Posted: February 1, 2012 by Ben Weber in English, Training
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Before we started this project, I had never climbed properly before. Sure, going up the Chinese mountains along the tourist trails was something, but that was walking, not proper climbing. Having been very much afraid of heights ever since I was a child certainly was a contributing factor.

Going up escalators, I prefer to be on the side nearest a wall or where you can’t see down below. Walking over those grids in the street isn’t exactly nice either, and I can’t watch people standing on the edge of the balcony in a theatre; by the edge of a large open window on anything higher than a first floor, or at the top of a high building…Taking work from the top of our office building of the city around us… not nice at all. And, going up the mountains in China on stairs carved into the rock where there were sheer drops to the side: absolutely terrifying!!

Well, it’s something I really do have to get over and am not sure of what other ways to do it apart from what we are doing now which is climbing just about every night of the week. This coming weekend, we will be going to a place called Pedra Bella to go climbing for real in the natural environment – again, it’s another new experience and will lead to lots of new aspects of this project: In about four months or so, we will be going to Bolivia for some proper mountaineering.

I still don’t deal too well with heights – still not the best feeling at the top of the climbing wall looking down even though its only fourteen metres or so. Just thinking that Natalia just needs to lose concentration or the rope snaps, and I start to feel a bit queasy, and am always extremely happy when my feet touch the ground again. Things have certainly got to change for me to get up Everest!!! But slowly and surely am working on it and am determined to make sure it doesn’t stay any problem – at least I can make it to the top of the climbing wall now and next week, Pedra Bella awaits..!

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