Announcing our new team member

Posted: February 7, 2012 by Ben Weber in English
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We have fantastic news today in that we can announce our third team member who will be training and working with us with the whole 360 Extremes Expedition: Norm Rasmussen.

Norm is a climber and adventurer and, as well as being a terrific guy, is great with a film camera! He has been traveling the world ever since he was a child. Growing up near the Italian Alps and spending summers in the North East, he lives for being outside. From biking up the Kerala coast in India (where he also did some crazy free-climbing – scares me to death just looking at the photos!) to spending months camping in the Peruvian rainforest, he’s always planning an adventure. Norm works part-time for a small rainforest adventure expedition company while maintaining his blog and spending the summer guiding teenagers on adventure wilderness treks.

We spoke with a lot of really good people in our quest to find our third team member and it has been a hard choice to make. It is great to have Norm on board, and together we are going to be able to make this project an incredible success!

  1. Welcome onboard! Hope to get to see some new creativity…

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