Expedition preparations vs daily life

Posted: February 8, 2012 by Ben Weber in English, Training
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The daily grind of São Paulo metro rush hour

One of the hard things with the expedition is balancing daily work with the project. I need to arrive at the office at 9am and stay till around 6pm (though generally it’s later as the needs of the client demand…). At work – and while the work is interesting – it is often difficult not to keep thinking about the expedition and concentrate on the reports at hand, and it requires greater force on my behalf than usual to really get down to business!

São Paulo can be slightly chaotic which makes life harder when trying to get around and organise everything

After work and after struggling through the São Paulo metro system during rush hour, it’s training at the climbing wall and gym, getting into shape and building our technical skills. Once back home later at night and early in the morning, we need to keep the website up to date, and continue our pursuit of sponsors to help make this project happen. It is effectively a second full-time job.

But we went into this knowing that it was not going to be easy and I am certainly not complaining at all. What is great is how it is coming together, and seeing our efforts start to give dividends. I am delighted that we have found our new team member with Norm, and we have some meetings with potential sponsors coming soon. We are also gradually getting closer to selecting the charities for which we will raise funds. Both Natalia and I are also starting to feel fitter and healthier (I still don’t have a six-pack though I suspect that will take a little while!), as well as doing things that we have never done before.

The normal daily routine is very different now from the tedium prior to embarking on this project. We are hardly watching any television; we are much more active, and though I still love football and watching my team in England play… this weekend when we were climbing, I didn’t even think about the match I was missing until we actually got back to the house. This whole project is life changing… and this is just the beginning.

  1. Jonathan Weber says:

    Couldn’t help but think of you and Natalia when out with Ania this evening walking our dog in freezing Warsaw (actually only -10 this evening, makes a nice change from the -20s we’ve been having). Anyway, the fence along a park we walked past had several large photos from an expedition up Cho Oyo – some of them pretty jaw-dropping. Photos of camps at various stages up the mountain plus descriptions of the conditions there made me think of you and Natalia shortly about to experience such conditions for yourselves – barely 20 km away on Everest. One of the captions mentioned how only going beyond your comfort zone gave you a true sense of really living (can’t remember what the actual words were). On the expedition you are planning I’m pretty sure you’ll be going way, way beyond that….

    Think you may find it interesting to read up on this guy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marek_Kami%C5%84ski

    • Ben Weber says:

      Hi Jonathan!
      Looked at pictures of Cho Oyo just now – looks pretty spectacular! WOuld love to see who was it who did the climb and see his/her pics of it!
      Marek certainly seems the bit of an adventurer as well! Hopefully, one day, we will have been on as many expedition as he has – though if we manage to complete all of this, I think I will be happy!!! The Bolivian trip should be fantastic though and I think even with that, we will be a lot further out of our comfort zone than either of us have been before! If all goes well this year, then hopefully Mt. Mckinley next year – should also be great preparation.
      How is it now over there – still in the minuses..?? Would love to have -10 from what we are having here!

  2. Jonathan Weber says:

    By the way, can’t remember the name of the guy who climbed Cho Oyo, just remember that he climbed in October 2011 and that he was born in 1975

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