The long road ahead and the challenges to be faced

Posted: February 11, 2012 by Ben Weber in English, The Journey
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The 360 Extremes Expedition will pass through 30 different countries and will take over three years to complete. In every country we will face different challenges, meet new and interesting people and see a massive array of different types of plant and animal life.

At this current planning phase where we are ironing out all of the details, we can certainly say that whilst we are aware of the major challenges that we will face, we don’t know everything. Indeed, to coin a Bushism (sorry – a Rumsfeldism…)… there are known unknowns and unknown unknowns.

I remember I laughed when I first heard this quote, but it actually rings true: we know we don’t know lots of things though at the same time, there are many things that can happen which we cannot really predict – all we can do is try our best to prepare our best for what might face us, and every eventuality.

So over the next few weeks or so, we will be writing posts about the different countries and major stopping points and routes in these countries: show a little of what we (think we) know and a little bit about what we think will happen. We would love to speak with people who know about or live along the different aspects of the route, and indeed we would love to have your advice about how to progress through the various stages of this adventure.

We shall start this series at the beginning (and end) of it all, with the city of São Paulo in Brazil, from where we shall embark in March 2014.

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