The horror! The horror! Facing the prospect of healthy eating…

Posted: February 17, 2012 by Ben Weber in English, Nutrition, Training
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It is not that we have been eating badly: we don’t eat much junk or fried food, we don’t each many soft drinks… lately we haven’t drunk that much beer… But, in order to make this adventure a success, we do have to eat much more healthily – something which I came to realise abruptly last night when we met our nutritionist, Isa, and she said that we have to cut down on milk and derived products.

I love yoghurt… every day, a good bowl of muesli with full cream yoghurt for breakfast…  Cheese and biscuits with a nice glass of white wine is always a favourite – brie and a nice strong parmesan go down quite nicely, thank you very much!… coffee with milk for the mid-morning… You get the idea. So, the sigh horror that slipped out of my mouth when she said that I had to avoid this for at least the next thirty days was quite audible…

However, it was a quickly followed by a sigh of not even reluctant acceptance: we are going to make this whole thing work, so this is what we are going to have to do… this is what we will do! We have to have turned ourselves pretty much into strong and healthy athletes by the time we start – and the last thing any of us want is a bad case of gastritis on the way to the South Pole. That could be bad!

Isa explained the digestive system and the ebbs and flows of insulin, sugars, stress and how they are all affected by the nutrients and types of foods we eat. She talked about how milk products in general hamper the digestive process – and indeed, coffee with milk was one of the worst things to do after lunch, as coffee itself is certainly not great for this. Instead, and it doesn’t take too much of a genius to work the rest out, through increasing fruits, vegetables, salads, cereals, juices… and actually varying things from day-to-day such as having an omelette for breakfast one day then whole grain bread the other and muesli the other… plus, of course, eating regularly after every three hours or so… will all help. Before going on any special diets (and Isa specifically did not pass any specific quantities of food: just to stop when we feel ourselves getting full up), we first need to get our bodies in to a nice healthy balance – with this we will be able to concentrate better and feel healthier to pass through the training challenges which lie ahead.

Reading this and I sound like an advert which you see for kids to eat healthy food and it does remind me a bit of what my mum always tells me to do! The problem is that before there has always been that degree of laziness combined with the lust for the taste of those foods as well as habit.  Now, I have already popped to the shop to stock up on more fruit, juices, nuts and cereals and I (though perhaps with half a tear in the eye) will be chucking out the nice bit of parmesan we have in the house. So tempting to say “one more piece”… just one more before we start eating properly tomorrow… But no. These will all add up over the next two years.

  1. Tiemi says:

    Viu, eh melhor vc aderir a minha gelatina em cubos e minhas uvinhassem semente!!!!

  2. No more yogurt? Truly Isa wishes to torture us!

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