Escape to the beach, and a bit of a break…

Posted: February 28, 2012 by Ben Weber in English
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The Brazilian coast has to have some of the most spectacular beaches around in the world. Places such as Parati, where I finally ended up going some time ago, and Lençois up in the north-east, are pretty amazing. It was pretty nice to finally be able to take a couple of days off to enjoy Juquehy, on the north coast of São Paulo state.

Extremely picturesque, the place is a good 150 kilometres away from São Paulo city and, after having a quick couple of hours climbing at the gym on Friday evening, we ended up leaving at around 11pm, and getting there at 1am. Whilst the beach is not a deserted paradise by any stretch of the imagination (the whole São Paulo state coastline just about fills up over the weekends with like-minded people wanting to leave), after so much training and working over the last few weeks, it was great to finally get away.

I celebrated this escape from the big smoke by sleeping. Lots. In the car on the way there; at the guest house; in the morning on the beach; after a quick swim; whilst sitting down with my legs dangling in the pool back at the guest house in the early evening; in the hammock, and then when we went to bed. Not in the most comfortable positions either and I guess I got a bit of a reputation with the people we were with for just dozing off! I guess I was pretty exhausted really. It was great, after having spent the last few months going to bed at 2am and waking up at 7am to get so much sleep!! Just a shame that I didn’t quite use enough sun lotion, and my body is paying for that now.

Given my slumberous state, I only took one or two pictures of it all – Osmar, who was with us on the trip took some great pics (worth having a look at his Flickr as well – very nice albums!), which have included here (thanks Osmar!).

Shame in some ways to leave, though on the way back there was a terrific thunderstorm which kept me awake most of the way at least – lightning everywhere, without even half a second gap between all the flashes for at least an hour. Quite spectacular, and made me think of the elements that we will encounter when our journey starts for real – pretty exciting, and made me quite eager to get back to the training again.


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