The sacrifices we make

Posted: March 13, 2012 by Ben Weber in English
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Today is a bit of a sad day for me personally: During the day, I work at Control Risks as a consultant whilst I continue working on the project as soon as work is finished. I have been working at Control Risks for over five years, four and a half of which have been spent in São Paulo – which I think you will agree is quite a reasonable period of time.

Prior to committing to this project, I had been speaking with colleagues in our India offices about transferring there – something which struck me as an amazing opportunity as India would be an amazing place to go to for its cultures and environment, and would be a fantastic new challenge. It would be great for me to live there and also to grow in the company in a new position there. These conversations had started to move forward in the past couple of months, just when we were  committing to the 360 Extremes Expedition. I still believed, however, that perhaps we could train over there – after all, it would be much easier to go up to the Himalayas from there, with the country bordering Bhutan and Nepal, and we had found some climbing walls in Delhi, where we would have been based. All extremely exciting!

But then realism strikes and the realization that any move like that would not be quite so simple: such a move would require a lot of time to adapt and get to know the new environment; much more time would be needed to get to grips with the new job… time that would be taken away from the project. The possibility of postponing the start date a couple of years for this reason even crossed my mind, though this would not be something any of the team members would like, and could even damage our chances of success, especially with sponsorship. So the decision had to be made – and the call I had earlier today certainly was not the easiest of ones I have had in my life.

Ah well. We all knew that the project would be demanding and we are all committing everything to it. So… onward and upwards. It will be all worth it in the end.

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