Logistical challenges

Posted: March 17, 2012 by Ben Weber in English, Logistics
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The ideas behind the project are very simple – around the world but going around the Poles as opposed to along the latitudes, east-to-west… but the organization behind it all is much more complex, especially when we consider the ways we will be travelling – there are many logistical details to the journey that will need to be taken care of.

We will be going through tropical climates, mountainous regions, deserts, more reasonable temperate regions, and polar regions. It won’t be possible for us to carry everything with us all at once, and the equipment we will need for the different stages will be very different. Consider the North Pole for example – we will only be able to pull the essentials for Polar travel with us going across the ice cap. But what about the rest of our gear? What shall we do with it..? Then, when we leave the North Pole, coming down into Northern Europe, we won’t be able to continue along with just sleds and skis… that would be slightly tricky!

What we will do is to have a series of supply points where we can pick things up and drop things off. These will have to be strategically located for each of the regions to ensure that costs are manageable and the loads that we are carrying with us are reasonable. This makes it sound pretty simple as well, and it is the broader scale organization of the project – there are details such as going through the Grand Canyon and the Cotahuasi Canyon which will also need more planning. Also… organizing all these parts – working out exactly what we will need for the specific stretches, then getting all this gear to these points (whether Canada, Norway, China or Australia) will still require a lot of work.

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