Treks within reaching distance…

Posted: March 22, 2012 by Ben Weber in English, Hiking, Training
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As training continues apace, we have got to find new, interesting and challenging hikes within reach from São Paulo for the weekends. There are a number that we have found which look great, though am absolutely certain that there are many others which would also be fantastic for us.

The main ones which we have found so far are:

Horto Florestal: Quite an easy place to go hiking, though plenty of trails that can take a good amount of time. Advantages are that it is easy to get to: hop on the metro by our house up to Parada Inglesa (25 minutes) then a bus to the park (20 minutes). Can easily spend a good five or six hours walking around and keeping your eyes open for wildlife. Disadvantages are that perhaps the hikes are too easy… though it’s all good exercise. It will be good for the weekends when we can’t get out of the city as well.

Parque Intervales: Difficult to get to: three and a half hours bus from São Paulo city, then an hour taxi-ride; also difficult to get back from: the buses back to São Paulo leave at either 4.30pm or 1.30am…  So if you just go for a day hike, you will be back in São Paulo at around 5am. Definitely need a weekend or longer. Lots of trails can be done over occasionally difficult terrain, but still not the most challenging of walks around. The caves are nice but feel a bit like a gimmick, for want of better words. Oh and for two people, expect to spend at least US$ 300 for a weekend. Ouch. We will be going back but not regularly.

Agulhas Negras: The fourth highest mountain in Brazil apparently in the region between the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. Picturesque park region which would be good for camping and also for a number of different hikes around the area. Not been there yet, though looking forward to when we eventually get there. Will probably take about five hours or so to get there, so leaving quite late from São Paulo city to arrive there in the morning.

Pedra do Sino: A good 10 hours or so away from São Paulo, so to go here will require a long weekend at the least. Plenty of tough hiking to do here up the mountains, and the hikes are long enough for camping out in the open – one of the choices for the Easter break, and something that we shall be doing more regularly as we progress in the project

Serra de Canastra: A massive park region in Minas Gerais state, here there is scope for endless days of hiking. Plenty of waterfalls and steep walks, will be great to go through! The main entrance point is from the Tiete bus terminal in São Paulo to Piumhi where the first bus leaves at 8am and last at 10pm, and takes about seven and a half hours. Then you would get an hour or so bus ride to São Roque with the early bus at 6.20am… A bit of a journey but looks like it will be worth it!

As I say, plenty more treks to do for sure, and am certain that we will be adding to this soon.

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