The daily grind and… what to do with the cats..?!

Posted: March 29, 2012 by Ben Weber in English
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A slightly simpler lifestyle for some...

The day starts here at around 7am; crawling out of bed to the shower; making sure we have a breakfast which includes fruit and cereal (tapioca which is made from manioc is quite nice, and papaya with granola is also a good compliment; frozen juice pulps help for the drink as well); and then feed the cats. Fortunately they don’t have so many dietary demands, though they can be a bit fussy about exactly which meat they will eat. On the point of cats (I don’t believe I have introduced them properly – ah well, I will in another post!) by the way, exactly what we are going to do in two years’ time is not fully clear – unfortunately we can’t take them with us! What we do know is that we will definitely be wanting to find a good home to take care of them for three years or so – any offers..???!

Metro rush hour in São Paulo

The journey to work normally takes from an hour to an hour and a half, depending on how packed or late the trains are (these days one of the lines has been suffering regular energy problems, which has neither helped with the crowds nor the punctuality – for a bit more about a gringo’s life in São Paulo city itself, I wrote an article about that a little while ago…). The stations are designed not to facilitate flows of thousands of people coming and going to and from different directions, rather, to bring everybody together in a clash of passenger-rage and confusion before filtering them out onto the platforms at the end. I try to carry a heavy rucksack with me to work, as it is still exercise and helps me get used to carrying the weights, though during the rush hour, this can be quite tricky…

And then work… from 9am to X pm, depending on the projects and deadlines. I work in a consultancy job which means we are pretty client orientated, helping clients work out the non-financial risks of working with companies in Brazil for example, and building up pretty extensive reports for them. Can be quite pressurized with lots of deadlines at the same time. Currently one of the researchers is on holiday which means more work for all of us.

An hour lunch break at midday, which is pretty much always an hour and always outside of the office (very civilized in comparison to back in England where a sandwich at the desk will more often than not be taken on the break), then back to the computer screen.

The evening, however, belongs to the project. I am trying to really get organized at work so I don’t have to leave much later than 6pm, meaning that I would be able to go pretty much straight away to the local bakery and grab an Açaí with banana juice before going on the hour journey to the climbing wall. Weights, running or cycling, and climbing there for two-three hours, before back to the house for another shower, more project organizing and writing a bit for the blog/going through some of the videos we had filmed. So bed (after feeding the cats again and giving them some more attention!) is usually around 1 or 2am… The cats will probably jump on to the bed for the night as well.

All in a day’s work… though it would be lovely to have a few more hours or so in the day. Exactly how long I will be able to manage with the full time job as well as the 360 Extremes Expedition is another question, though as I made clear in turning down the opportunity to go to India (and funnily enough right now, another opportunity to go to China has come my way – strange how these things all come around at the same time. Six month ago I probably would have jumped at the chance…), the priority is definitely the expedition. I hope I don’t regret it!

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