Carrot and More Soup – Not a bad way to end the day

Posted: March 30, 2012 by Ben Weber in English, Nutrition
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Back from the gym at the end of the day. No climbing today, just running, cycling and weights but back to the walls tomorrow for some more traversing. Getting back to our house and we pass a 24-hour supermarket and as we didn’t really have much at home, we popped in to get some stocks.

We initially thought we would make a carrot, ginger and orange soup – my sister-in-law Stephanie makes a great soup, so we thought we would try and emulate that! We had the ginger in the house but didn’t think about the oranges at the time though, so already we were moving on to something a bit different.

When we got in, we looked around with what we had left and ended up adding a tomato, half a manioc, four clothes of garlic and olive oil, peas and linseed (linhaça in Portuguese) and eventually a couple of eggs in, before seasoning. So following our nutritionist’s advice, we had cereals, vegetables, proteins and oils in one. Just missing the salad!

It actually turned out to very good and tasty. The ginger added a nice strong but refreshing taste to it which was great. It was nice and filling as well, so we have enough for tomorrow evening as we didn’t feel the need to eat too much (in spite of wanting to!).

In case you want to try, I am afraid the instructions are definitely not the most sophisticated in the world as it was all extremely improvized! Though it is really quite easy to make…

  • Cut up about five large carrots and the tomato into about a litre of water (not sure exactly as it wasn’t really measured!) along with the finely chopped up garlic clothes and a couple of spoons of olive oil. Grate about half of a decent sized-root of ginger as well and add in.
  • Heat up the water and cut up the manioc into the mix; leave to boil for around 10 minutes or so
  • Pop it into blender with a couple of spoons of linseed and … well, blend…!
  • Pour back into the pan and leave on a low heat, adding the peas. Leave to simmer for another ten-fifteen minutes or so (depending on how hungry/patient you are!).
  • Three minutes before serving mix in your egg – we stirred it in so it all spread in the soup, though leave it whole if you like.

Not sure if the photo makes it look the most appetising meal in the world or does it justice, but really, it is healthy and refreshing, and very good!!

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