A little frustration…

Posted: April 4, 2012 by Ben Weber in Medical, Nutrition
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This blog is never going to be a critique of Brazilian life and the ins-and-outs of general daily life and health care systems… but it was a slightly frustrating morning for both Natalia and I in terms of health care:

Our nutritionist had passed us some standard blood tests to do (such folic acid, cholesterol levels, vitamin B12 and about 15 other types of tests). The tests meant that we had to stay for 12 hours without eating or drinking anything so we rang the health care units which are covered by our respective medical insurance to make sure everything was okay to do in the morning. Natalia has Amil and I have Sul-America – pretty decent coverage that have served us both well in the past. No problem there, so the mini-fast began.

Up at 5.30am so we could get the tests done before getting to work. Quite hungry and thirsty, but alright!

But not quite alright… apparently though for me the tests are covered by the insurance, the fact that they were signed by a nutritionist and rather than a doctor (or a dentist), meant that I couldn’t take them – I have to go to a doctor to get their stamp. Called Natalia to tell her and she had slightly different but similar news… her plan covered the tests, and covered  nutritionists, but the list from the nutritionist had to be provided with an original stamp/signature as opposed to an electronic stamp that had been printed out. Oh and if we had paid out of our own pocket, it would have cost about R$1,100 (around US$ 650).

Ah well… Not a massive problem but slightly annoying. It was nice to be able to eat something again this morning though, and I guess we will have to go through the mini-fast again next week …!

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