The Serra da Canastra mountains

Posted: April 6, 2012 by Ben Weber in English, Hiking, Training
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The Serra da Canastra mountains are a gentle 550km away from São Paulo… a long way to go for a weekend, but that is where we are going this evening. We tried last night because of the long weekend, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be – even with extra busses on to take into account the increased demand, all the tickets sold out pretty quickly.

A seven hour or so bus ride, we will get there about 6am, so we shall hopefully get some good sleep in the bus (one of the really great things about Brazil are the inter-city buses – the seats generally always recline by 45degrees or so, even in the cheaper ones). At the mountains, there are plenty of hikes and trails to go on and as we will be getting early, we will still have a good two days there as the bus back to São Paulo leaves at around 10pm.

What we will be doing..? Walking with heavier than normal backpacks to get used to greater loads, and also hopefully see some of the wildlife – eagles, deer, maned wolves, ant-eaters… plenty of animals to see if we keep our eyes open… so here’s hoping!

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