The nutritionist cometh

Posted: May 4, 2012 by Ben Weber in English, Nutrition
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Our nutritionist Isabella came to visit us again last night to discuss our diet and path to a level of fitness by which we will be able to succeed in this project. Things are going well. We have been able to maintain varied but reasonably balanced diets in accordance with the food pyramid that Isa had provided to us, and our medical results were coming back to us after we had eventually managed to organize our blood and physical tests with health organizations here. Natalia is still set to receive her full results, and I have to go back to the health unit to get my x-rays, echocardiogram and pulmonary test results (with the blood tests requiring a fasting of 12 hours, I did these only yesterday), though we were able to show her the results of my blood tests at least. A lot of medical names of types of tests which I am little able to understand in English, let alone in Portuguese, though in summary the tests included looking at:

  • Hemoglobin and iron levels
  • Monocytes,lymphocytes, basophils, Neutrophils
  • Vitamin levels (such as A, B-12, D)
  • Glicose
  • “Good” (HDL), “Bad” (LDL / VLDL) and total cholesterol levels
  • Creatine
  • Sodium, Potassium, Proteins, Magnesium
  • And lots more!

The good news is that, in spite of seemingly having to fill endless supplies of those small tubes with litres of blood (okay, I exaggerate, but it felt like that!), everything seems good. I had to take a lot of these tests before I had surgery four years ago on my esophagus (problem with reflux as the valve wasn’t working meaning that I was experiencing reflux a couple of hundred times a day… not nice!) and the levels of everything back then were within the norms. This time though, Good and bad levels of cholesterol had risen and fallen respectively, and just about everything else was well within the accepted norms. Just iron levels were slightly low, and one of the sugar types was, while in the limits, slightly high, but aside from that everything was good so Isa seemed happy.

Now everything is just about balanced, we are going to work on monitoring exactly what we are eating, at what times during the day, to have a more precise evaluation of how to adjust our eating habits, so Isa will be back in a couple of weeks to discuss… and then we will also be going back to weight and body measurements as well. Should be interesting to see what’s changed.

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