Road to recovery

Posted: May 5, 2012 by Ben Weber in Climbing, English, Medical, Training
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Picture of the hamstrings

From – very good site about injury types and medical issues

It is not the worst injury I have had in my life – this time it is what could be described as a grade I hamstring injury – a minor tear in the muscle, though possibly bordering grade II; a partial tear in the muscle. I suffered a grade III tear (a complete rupture) in a calf muscle once playing football and I have never felt quite so much pain for a prolonged period as I did at that time: after pretty much collapsing onto the ground the moment it happened, unable to put any weight whatsoever on that leg, I was on crutches for a couple of weeks following the event and it took a two months or so to get fully better. So my immediate thought upon feeling my hamstring strain was thankfulness that it wasn’t more serious, as I really don’t want to feel anything like that kind of pain again.

The strain happened as I was on the climbing wall at an overhang: I was putting my heel high up to gain support on one of the protruding “rocks” on the wall above the overhang, and putting a lot of pressure on it to be able to push myself up so my hand could get a grip. I felt a little tear in my leg and though it didn’t hurt immediately it felt like something was wrong so I had to come down – quite annoying as I felt I was about to clear one of the walls I that I had been working on completing for some time. The wall could wait, however, so down on the ground, we put an ice pack on my hamstring.

I say grade I injury as there was no real pain at the time, though the discomfort turned into pain on the day after, and I was limping for the first three days or so after it happened. I probably didn’t treat the injury as well as I could have – I probably should have spent more time with the “RICE” method (Rest, Ice packs, Compression, and Elevation of the leg) but it did mean I spent the last week with no visits to the gym, and over the week, the pain gradually diminished. So much so, I felt confident enough to go back to the gym last night but only for light exercise. When doing a few stretches, and putting pressure on my knee, I could feel the pain in my leg, so I limited my time there to just doing a couple of traverses along the wall on stretches that didn’t require too much leg-work. I was able to fully complete one of the traverses which I had not quite managed before, so I was happy with that.

But more rest today and it will probably be a couple more weeks or so before am 100%, which will be just in time to be fully fit for our Bolivia expedition. Definitely want to be better for that and I don’t want to turn a minor set back into something more serious.

Never like being my own “doctor”, but found a number of sites about hamstring and other sporting injuries – this site seemed to be the one that provided the most information about the matter and is pretty interesting –

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