Introducing our new sponsor: Casa de Pedra

Posted: May 8, 2012 by Ben Weber in English
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After discussing the 360 Extremes Expedition with Ale Silva, the owner of Casa de Pedra ( and a well-known mountaineer and rock climber here in Brazil, and Janaina who works with him at the company, we are delighted to announce that Casa de Pedra here in Brazil has agreed to sponsor the Expedition!

Casa de Pedra has a climbing wall and weights gym here in the Barra Funda area of São Paulo – where we go every week day to train our climbing skills and develop our physical fitness. They also sell mountaineering, climbing, cycling and sports equipment at the gym and at their store at Shopping Vila Olimpia. Soon they will launch their flagship store, which will be the first of its kind in São Paulo, with a massive selection of different equipment for general sports enthusiasts through to the professional sports people, and where there will be features such as climbing and sports-related lectures held throughout the year.

To have Casa de Pedra’s support for the Expedition means a lot to us considering we took our initial climbing steps with them and the amount of training we do with them, so this is great news all round, and thank you Ale, Janaina and Casa de Pedra for your support.

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