Nothing like new equipment!

Posted: May 10, 2012 by Ben Weber in English, Equipment
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So on Monday we were at the Casa de Pedra store at Vila Olimpia and started building up our equipment inventory. We started with the base and mid layers and also got ourselves small 30-32 litre Deuter summit packs for when we head out from our camps to the mountain summits – no need to carry everything with us, just basic essentials such as water, things like shell layers lest the weather turn against us, and emergency necessities.

The layering we get is extremely important. Wear the wrong clothes made out of materials such as cotton and your skin won’t be able to breathe. Your sweat will be trapped in your clothes against your skin, your clothes will become soaked; you become colder, wetter, and before you know it you could easily be battling against things like hypothermia on a cold mountain-side – not something you want, really.

So the base layer – we got light Casa de Pedra and heavier Solo Power tops and bottoms (to make sure we are okay in warmer and colder weather) is important to keep you warm but also quickly transport water away from your skin.

But the base layer itself, even if very warm, won’t make you as warm as you could be without the second layer. We got North Face fleeces, though wool tops are good as are other synthetic materials. The tops continue to wick the moisture away from your body, but at the same time they trap the air between them and the base layer – the air heats up and helps keep you warmer.

I will be going to the United States tomorrow to get more equipment – mainly technical gear, though also outer layers such as down parkas and shell layers. The down parkers help to keep you enormously warm by trapping a massive amount of air in the down and between it and the second layer, though at the same time, continue to transport moisture further away from your skin. Shell layers which cover everything, will keep us waterproofed and also wind-proofed, though still staying breathable so the moisture from your body can finally be transported fully away from you. Depending on the weather you can remove different layers which aren’t fully necessary, though you need to make sure you have everything as you can never be over-prepared.

Equipment inventory so far:

  • Solo X Power (heavy) base layers (tops and bottoms) (Masculine/Feminine)
  • Casa de Pedra (light) base layers
  • North Face TKA 100 Fleece tops
  • North Face Snowboard socks
  • Deuter Race 30 Summit Pack
  • Deuter Spektron 32 Summit Pack
  • 2 closed-cell sleeping pads

Plenty more to come, especially this weekend!

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