New York, New York!

Posted: May 12, 2012 by Ben Weber in English
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I have to admit that the first impressions of New York I received were not the best I could have had. The flight was great. Straight through, leaving on time from São Paulo, landing on time in New York; able to get some sleep and watch a couple of decent films. The airplane taxi queue at JFK took about half an hour or so before we got to the gate, so a little longer than normal, but okay. Just then, out of the plane, it was a short walk to the immigration hall and the queue was simply enormous and not moving at all. About 10 rows we would have to make our way along before we got to the front and the checking desks, each row around 50 metres or so. So yeah, it took a while.

Four hours later, answering the questions from the immigration officer; taking the Airtrain to get to the NYC metro… a half hour wait there. At least when it came, it was pretty quick and straightforward to get to the hotel on Manhattan. Needless to say, I was happy to get there though it was almost midnight – a shame as it looked a lovely evening when the plane landed at 6pm.

But ah well! Waking up this morning and it looks a beautiful day and am looking forward to getting our equipment and getting to know the city. Afterall, it’s New York, baby!

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