City Walkabout

Posted: May 14, 2012 by Ben Weber in Equipment
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Well the time here in New York has been and gone extremely quickly. Fortunately, the time spent in the immigration queue was made up for by the time in the city. And a great city it is!  I start to take a liking to a city the more I can walk in it – hence London is one of my favourite place and São Paulo is… well… let’s leave it at that…

New York is a place where you can walk… a lot.

I got most of our equipment on Saturday up in Yonkers, near Bronxville – and what a lovely part of the world that is! Just 20 minutes or so by train outside of Grand Central, just seeing the name and I was slightly worried – would I be going into some place in the Bronx..??! Fortunately by pre-judgements were not justified as it is a rural suburb of the city where apparently the rich and famous live – houses cost at least a million bucks. If I settled down anywhere, and I had the money… I could imagine this place. But back to the point… already, twenty minutes from the centre, and you are in the country with plenty of hikes to do.

Back in the centre, in the evening it was great just walking through the streets in The Village / Meatpacking District – south of West 14 street. Definitely a great area to get lost in, with lots of bohemian bars, cafes and parks. Went to Washington Square Park, and standing in the chess corner there, a few chess players urged me to join in a game against them (though they were calling to anyone who looked vaguely interested!); and after Italian food there, walked my way back to the Hudson River and walked all the way down to the World Trade Centre memorial area and the Liberty Tower which has sprouted up impressively.

And yesterday… phew! 20km or walking or so, up from Jane Street, via B&H for a new hard drive and tripod; Times Square (where Tibetans were protesting about China and I got talking to an activist who wanted support); up through Central Park to north of the Reservoir; back down again, down to the Empire State Building and then wandering back through the streets to the hotel to organize all the equipment. Everything coupled with beautiful weather… which helped!

I do have pictures; I just don’t have the card reader with the computer I am using – a company laptop (needed to do company work as well while here!) – will have them posted soon, though!

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