New York in pictures and numbers

Posted: May 17, 2012 by Ben Weber in English, Equipment
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Finally got a few of my photos sorted out from New York , and thought that a brief summary of the trip would be good…

Weight of bags upon leaving São Paulo: 5kg

Days spent in New York: 2.5 (1 day of actual tourism)

Kilometres walked: 30

Metro journeys: 6

Number of taxi journeys: 3

Number of great chats with taxi drivers: 3

Number of people asked for directions: 15

Number of people who did their best to help: 15

Number of rude people encountered (aside from security / airport immigration staff who don’t count because this is pretty much universal): zero (actually the officer when leaving the country was in pretty good humour – called me Captain Weber and joked a couple of times…)

Number of times overheard Brazilians speaking: 25

Percentage of Brazilians overheard in B&H Photography: 90% (I don’t blame them – taxes in Brazil are ridiculous!)

Number of separate items bought (aside from food): 74

Number of different languages heard speaking: At least 9 (English (though from a number of different countries), Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Japanese

Number of stereotypical big rappers with long American football shirts and hats walking in the street listening to loud music: at least 20

Number of stereotypical youths demanding money from another guy in the street: 1 (reason unknown – I, like others who saw, didn’t really hang around to listen in too much)

Number of times I didn’t understand a word someone said because they were speaking at a ridiculously fast speed: 4

Number of times people didn’t understand my accent: 7 (I guess it is the heavy British accent – “Almond Croissant” was a particular problem… but still, at least I didn’t get an omelette when I asked for salmon like what happened in Vancouver a couple of years ago…)

Number of times I cursed in Starbucks when I saw Manchester City had won the premier league: 10 (I was kind of expecting this)

Number of times I cursed when I saw they won 3-2 when if they had drawn, Man Utd would have won: 15 (So close…)

Number of times I cursed on 7th Avenue when I saw they won by scoring two goals in last couple of minutes of injury time: 350+

Weight of bags upon leaving New York: 36kg

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