Final preparations for Bolivia

Posted: May 27, 2012 by Ben Weber in Climbing, English, Equipment, Hiking, Training
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Final 24 hours in São Paulo. Quite excited, to say the least; just getting final bits and pieces together. A quick visit to Casa de Pedra where we did some wall traversing, slackline and bouldering for an hour or so. Not long but it was nice to see everyone at the gym again and get a little more exercise before we leave. Final packing of the bags – not everything in the rucksacks, but into a couple of large duffle bags (aside from our summit packs which we will use as hand baggage). Our flight to La Paz will last four hours, as we have a change at Santa Cruz. We will arrive in La Paz at 8pm local time.

From – rucksack guide

Everything will of course go into the rucksacks – I have an 85L and Natalia a 75L pack. There are ways which you can pack to make things easier in terms of accessing everything and distributing the load so it’s all nice and balanced. We find that putting the sleeping bag and the foamless sleeping pads makes it easy to get to them through the bottom zipper at night when we camp. Anything else that we might need at night can also go down at the bottom; heavier stuff going into the middle and also close to the spine – this helps keep the centre of gravity close to your body rather than unbalancing you. Food, cooking kit and long term water supplies are good candidates for here. Wrapping lighter weight items around these is a good way to stop things from moving around when you are going, and then everything else that we might need to access quickly (headlamps, med-kits, sunglasses, rain jackets/shells etc) closer to the top where you can get at them.

Ice axes and other long poles can go on the outside.

Plenty of places online which provide advice about packing rucksacks – REI is a good place to start ( as does (, with a good overview of rucksacks and their common features, and how to pack them, and also (very importantly for the larger rucksacks) how to fit them so the weight is transferred over your body properly.

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