The next few days

Posted: June 17, 2012 by Ben Weber in Climbing, English, Mountaineering, Training
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Natalia suffered a recent setback in that her stomach bug has hit back, which has meant a day extra recovery spent in La Paz. Things are looking better already, however, and she is getting better which is great, so it all looks set for us to tackle our final objective: Illimani.

We will be spending the next few days out of contact at the mountain, where we will attempt to climb this 6,438 metre spectacle that towers dramatically over the city of La Paz. Just looking at Illimani from the city is breathtaking, and it is certainly an imposing but beautiful site. Hopefully we will be able to manage it.

So tomorrow morning, we will be at base camp at 4,400 metres, which is a couple of hours hike from where the car will drop off. Then we will be going to Camp I – a five hour hike away at 5,090 metres and on the following day, high camp at Nido de Condores (the Condor’s Nest) at 5,600. On summit day, we will go through a series of crevassed areas and slopes of 30-40 degrees before reaching the summit ridge (I am told that this might be one of those ridges which I might be … slightly uncomfortable with… due to my problem with heights… but let’s see).

Hopefully it will all go well (I know, we still have to publish the photos and stories from the Huayna Potosi climb, though will do that as soon as we can as well!!), and we look forward to catching up with you soon!

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