Goodbye Lilou: Rest in Peace

Posted: July 3, 2012 by Ben Weber in English
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Lilou (left) and Mocha

It is never nice leaving your pets when you leave the house for a long period of time. And we were devastated upon coming back from Bolivia to find out that our three year-old cat, Lilou, had been killed after, we believe, having been knocked over by a vehicle.

Friends of ours had agreed to look after our two cats for the month – they live very close to us and were able take great care of them both. Unfortunately, just a couple of days before we were due to fly back, Victoria sent us an email explaining that Lilou had died and someone had put her body in a box outside of our door. Victoria and her partner, also devastated as they love cats too, took her to conduct an autopsy as, with no obvious signs of what had happened it seemed like she had been poisoned. We learned the other day that she had suffered internal injuries typical of that associated with a car accident – though it seems strange that there were no real obvious physical signs of this… it would be nice to know and speak with the person who put her in a box outside our flat, just to find out a bit more about what happened. But… ultimately, there is nothing to gain in speculation about all the possible reasons, as the sad fact is that she is no longer with us.

Natalia had rescued Lilou when the cat was about two months old. Somebody had abandoned her by a bus stop along a busy main road and she had a broken leg at the time. She wasn’t the prettiest of things, being quite thin and scrawny, and with… unorthodox colours… but with lots of care and lots of food, she soon grew up (though always staying quite petite) and her colours developed. She became a really healthy, playful and lovely cat.  She was almost more dog-like as she would follow us everywhere in the house and just sit next to us wherever we were, and she would also run around playing with, grooming, and teasing our other cat, Mocha.

Mocha, seems a bit depressed and is much more… carente than she used to be – wanting lots affection and staying around with us a lot more than she used to (she is sitting on my lap now as I type). Am sure she will be back to her normal self soon but still… it is just sad thinking about it all really.

So yes, very sad news unfortunately. We will miss you, Lilou.

  1. Glenn & Sandra McMahon says:

    Natalia and Ben one of the great mysteries in the universe, the one that makes us human, is that we must experience and endure loss. A dog, cat, pet hamster only know that their partner is missing, one day there, one day gone. Except in a few exceptional case do animals seem to grieve. We grieve as human we suffer with our grief because we remember everything. All the memories which can be triggered by all of our senses. Seeing pictures, old blankets, old sleeping are. Smells like the smell of favorite cat food. Sounds like the purring of a happy cat. And the most important the touch of a furball running under foot! All of our senses at first when the suffering is new feel like a huge hole inside of our hearts. The strange part about being human is because of our love and our memories these losses will make us stronger. I hope for the time of strength will return to you guys quickly!
    Beijos from one who loves all of my memories with you both! Glenn

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