Decisions, decisions…. any thoughts?

Posted: July 19, 2012 by Ben Weber in Cycling, English, Training
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So we are in need of a little bit of help here and your thoughts would be welcome…

We will be doing a lot of cycling over the next couple of years to get to a level of fitness and technical awareness so that we are able to cycle the massive distances that we plan to. The cycling will be largely over weekends so we will work on various routes in and out of São Paulo, so that we are able to comfortably go on rides of 100km per day…

We are also planning a good 30 day cycling tour in December 2013… Yes, a long way away, but time is flying and already over 8 months have passed since this whole plan started to get taken from the drawing board and into a fixed plan… pretty much unbelievable really. The tour will also help us get used to cycling together for a sustained period of time.

The question is, however, where…?

The two places we have shortlisted so far (and we are open for more suggestions…) are: Patagonia and Britain.

Patagonia would most likely be less expensive to get to. It would be great to be cycle straight from São Paulo, though it would be over 5,000 kilometres and slightly impractical with our time constraints, unfortunately! So, the route we would (most likely) choose if we were to go here is a 700km journey from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas, though it could be extended to go to some of the islands down there, such as south and over the channel to Cape Horn… could be interesting. Another option would be instead of going to Punta Arenas, going to Puerto Deseado – something that would add on a good… 600km of what would be largely flat land. Either way, definitely not on one’s normal every day calendar. Assuming 50km per day on average (a very generous and pretty slow rate – assuming that conditions are not going to be kind to us even though this would be summer there) plus a couple of days rest here and there, this would be a good 16-22 days depending on the exact route. Also, we would all love to go down to Patagonia (though of course we will be going through it when we come back from the South Pole).

Britain – something more familiar to me (and it would be nice to be able to see friends and family there again, that’s for sure!)… My idea would be cycle from the north of mainland Scotland down south to London – a 1100km journey. Or maybe even the longer route from Thurso or John o’ Groats to Land’s End (via London). I think it would be challenging: weather in winter in Scotland (and of course Britain as a whole) can be terrific – as in incredibly bad! And incredibly variable. I am pretty sure we will face many days in which there will be four seasons in one day. The roads would be in good condition and would most likely enable us to go at a reasonably pace.

Plenty other long distance rides we could do – perhaps São Paulo to Buenos Aires (2k kilometres but much easier flight-wise) could be an option, but it is pretty flat. United States would have plenty of good rides, I am sure, as with Canada… so anyone know good long, challenging rides, there which would be good, feel free to say!

We would want to do the journeys with bikes packed with similar weights to what we will be going with once the expedition starts, so pretty heavy (also helping to explain the slower than perhaps expected pace normally imagined). We will be looking at and discussing the two routes more closely over the next few weeks as we make up our minds, and your thoughts about the ideas would be extremely welcome. Who knows, maybe even be able to catch up with you along the chosen route!

  1. Ludovic Thiriez says:

    I have some very good friends who did a world tour by Bicycle (5 years ago) and did quite a Tour in South America… if you have questions I am sure they will be happy to answer…
    good luck
    contact them on facebook

    Ludovic Thiriez

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