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Posted: September 11, 2012 by Ben Weber in English, Nutrition, Training
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Before talking about the final journey with André, O Bicicreteiro, and his group down to Santos, it is worth a quick mention about our chat with Isabella our nutritionist the other week.

It was good to see her again, and we went through the body fat/weight/muscle measurements. The results were encouraging. Natalia’s measurements were encouraging and she is getting towards the “above average” percentage of muscle/weight measurements, while I was happy to see that my category was one below the best possible – a couple more percentage points reduction of body fat / increase in muscle, and apparently I will be on course for having a body like that of a professional athlete. Wahey! Quite funny when I think about it – this time last year, I was moderately overweight – and it doesn’t stop me from hurting after one of the long bike rides we are doing! A couple of points away sounds close, but am sure it will take a lot more work to reduce it further. It is nice to see the training pay off, though.

Aside from that, we talked more about the types of foods to eat in the course of our long biking journeys, when to eat them, and various other points. Apparently beetroot juice is good for the blood to take in more oxygen, so drinking this in the morning can be helpful. I had drunk beetroot with carrot and orange juice before in Rio and that was pretty nice, though at our local place, they have just beetroot and orange, which is okayish, just tastes a little earthy. Also it is important for us to take our protein supplements after exercise as well as energy supplements during training, to make sure that we don’t burn muscle tissue when we are doing heavy work, and that we burn the carbs instead.

A lot to think about, and we will be meeting with Isabella again soon to see how things are going.

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