Training at Casa de Pedra

Posted: October 2, 2012 by Ben Weber in Climate change, English, Training
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In the middle of all the cycling trips, we are still continuing our training at Casa de Pedra, working in the gym there and the climbing wall, which we are doing on a daily basis during the week. Though climbing is going to feature less than we originally thought when we started out on this project, it is still important for the physical aspect – developing our upper body and abdominal strength as well as the psychological aspect.

Working with Fabio is going well, with a mixture of endurance and strength training, along with occasional jogs for a few kilometres out by the road. On the climbing wall, we are doing training such as three consecutive walls which are within my comfort zone, and then a break for a couple of minutes, then three more… continuing like this for an hour so until am pretty much exhausted. Once that is done, a few different types of situps for the abs,  training with elastic stretch bands for the shoulder muscles, and some general leg stretches.

And with Luciana at the gym… just switching between legs, abs, biceps/triceps, shoulders… just to get a good all round level of fitness. This is followed by an hour run on the treadmill, where I normally run about 11km or so and am also able to speed up towards the end rather than breathlessly collapsing as I might have done had I done this a few months ago. Training here is definitely not my favorite part of the week – am really not a big fan of weights but it is all needed to get in as good a condition as possible. With the running, I just keep working out the maths in my head to help time pass… what percentage of the run have I completed? If I have run x km after 2 and a half minutes, how many kilometres will I run after 6 minutes… straight forward math, but when am running it just takes a bit longer than it normally would to work out, and before I know it a good few minutes have passed and before I know it have run five or six kilometres. And, at the end of it all, a protein drink with a mixture of glutamine, creatine, whey protein, coco, honey and sugar cane, to help ensure I don’t burn muscle when exercising and to help muscle growth.

The Pão de Açucar São Paulo marathon was held a week or so ago. I definitely wasn’t in condition to run it this year, but I think that going like I am at the moment, it should be fun to do next year, and it would be a good intermediate goal – just hope it won’t be ridiculously hot.

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