Cycle tour of Britain

Posted: October 3, 2012 by Ben Weber in Charity, Cycling, English, Training
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We have decided what to do for our northern hemisphere winter training in January – February! It was a choice between whether to do the Polar training at Baffin Island or a cycle tour. We have chosen the latter, and will do the Polar training in early 2014, and we will be cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats..!

A fresh and clear winter’s day looking out over Lancaster and Morecambe Bay – NOT the type of conditions we expect to face very often during this ride!

It will be one grueling journey of around 1700km, and certainly not easy that’s for sure – combating the tough elements of the British winter – wind, rain, snow, ice and a bit more wind and rain! Though the whole point is for it not to be easy: When we go on the actual expedition, we are going to meet some pretty dreadful conditions every now and then, so to prepare for the worst, we need to experience the worst, so what better than a good old British winter!?

At the same time, the terrain is varied, with good periods going through mountainous or hilly regions (the hills may be low in altitude, but they sure do take their toll on you!). Also, there are plenty of flatter areas to go through where we can cover longer distances quicker. The landscape as we go through England and Scotland are spectacular, and what’s more is that we will be camping for a good part of the journey, so the three of us we will get used to each others’ company for this journey – it’s not just the physical challenges that can be tough!

At the same time, we will be raising funds for the WWF over the course of this journey – as you may have seen from other posts, we can pretty much be described as nature lovers, and we are proud to try raising funds for an organization that seeks to help endangered animals and develop conservation and sustainability initiatives in the face of global warming. Please visit our JustGiving Page here. We hope that you will be donate generously in support of us and the WWF.

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