Two weeks to go – LEJOG!

Posted: January 8, 2013 by Ben Weber in Cycling, English, Training
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Ring of Brogda, Orkney

Final destination after John O’Groats – the Orkney Islands

The next of our main training projects is coming up fast – Land’s End to John O’Groats, in the UK winter… sounds like fun..?! The route is being finalized – we are speaking to a lot of great people through warmshowers and couch surfing and it is really nice getting positive responses from them and will be a massive help. Also, I think it will make it that much more interesting as we will get to meet lots of people from across the country we probably wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet if we stay in bed & breakfasts or our own tent for the entire route. I think that many people think we are a bit nuts doing it in the winter, but I guess they are probably right! But anyway, here is an overview of the route (not with all the stopping points) – if anybody wants to join us for any of the particular days, we would be happy to chat with you and see what can be sorted out…!


There are some great places that am really looking forward to passing through – down in the south we will pass through Burnham-on-Sea, where my family and I spent a long holiday in a caravan park when I was younger, and we got a fantastic stunt kite with which I almost decapitated half a dozen people on the beach when I was learning how to fly it…!  This place is close to Bristol and Bath – towns I have never been too, but have wanted to for a long time as they are really quite beautiful places.

The Ashton Memorial, Lancaster, in summer – just a bit greener than what it will be like when we are there…!

Going north and we eventually get to Lancaster, the place where I spent most of my high school and where I worked at McDonalds (I know, I know…!) for a time saving up money for my gap year in Brazil, and for general university life; Carlisle, where I went to boarding school for a couple of years; Edinburgh – lovely city just close to my university at St. Andrews (unfortunately we won’t have time to get there – really is a nice place), and then the route up to northern Scotland through to Inverness and eventually John O’Groats at the northern-most tip. To end the journey with a bit of a romantic-ish flourish, we will pop up to the Orkney Islands and the village of Stromness, where I grew up as a toddler… even staying at the old house where we lived, which is now a guest place! Really looking forward to that – I imagine that it will be a lot smaller than I remember it: I guess I was a bit pint-sized when we left the islands on the ferry for the last time about 25 years or so ago…

  1. Hi, I’ve been following your blog for months now. If you keep your itinerary updated, Is love to ride with you guys in the North West, or at least try and get some hot tea and biscuits to you en route!

    Keep riding!

    • Ben Weber says:

      Hi there! Thanks for your comment – very happy you have been following!
      Whereabouts in the North West are you?
      Still finalizing the route from Lancaster up through Windermere and Keswick before down towards around Penrith. Tempting to go straight to Penrith/Carlisle as more direct (would save 50km which might be nice when we have already tired legs!) and still nice, but I lived a long time in Lancaster and it would be great to cycle through the Lake District.
      Prior to this, it will be a relatively straight forward ride from Manchester to Lancaster (unless we decide to make it slightly longer and hillier, and go via Clitheroe!)
      Definitely welcome to join us, and let’s keep in touch!

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