Final preparations…

Posted: January 19, 2013 by Ben Weber in Cycling, English, Training
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Two bikes to disassemble and reassemble again… fun!

Passport… tick… wallet… tick… warm clothes… yup, they’re there… bike…….

Dismantled and ready to go.

Finally took the pedals and wheels off the bike to put into the bike bag the other day. It was hard – not because of the physical effort (though taking those pedals off did take a bit of effort even with a big wrench), but because of the worry about how the bike would take to the airplane – or, more importantly, how the baggage handlers will take to the bike. We haven’t got the bags with the most padding so we had to improvise on this – I am most worried about the gears getting damaged, but hopefully everything will be alright. Natalia flew last night and is already in London – her bag had a big fragile sticker put onto it and got taken away separately, so hopefully it was treated well as well! (Incidentally, it was a hassle getting everything through the metro as the bike bag takes up quite a bit of space, and carrying to the metro, with the one strap across my shoulder… was painful! She got a taxi from the airport to my brother’s house in London, though the pre-paid taxi we got left as she took so long in the immigration queues at the airport…. typical. She could have gone by train but the size of the bike bag alone would have made this more complicated. Fun!)

So, am a little nervous, that’s for sure, especially as the weather seems to have taken a turn for the worst – reading about blizzards in England and Scotland is never great just before a bike tour through the country, and seeing pictures of towns like Bath completely white is slightly worrying. But as I say, these conditions of winter are exactly why we chose this route, so I guess the old saying “be careful what you wish for” particularly applies to us in this case.

Saturday, some last minute shopping to get some essentials, a few bike tools, batteries, clothing… bits and pieces that might come in useful. One more trip to the gym for a last workout; finish packing my stuff on Sunday; put in all the GPS coordinates into the Garmin, and then relax with one more day at the office before the midnight flight to the UK. Just have to say goodbye to the cat, and the sunny weather…!

Goodbye to cat

Farewell Mocha! See you in a month’s time!

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