Could think of better starts!

Posted: January 23, 2013 by Ben Weber in Cycling, English, Training
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I have finally joined up with Paulo and Natalia in London and it is great to be back here and able to catch up with family for the first time in a year. We had a nice meal in the centre with my mother, three other siblings plus spouses and friends. So it was good. My flight from São Paulo was good – slightly delayed in São Paulo but no problems in London in spite of the weather. Managed to sleep quite a bit as well… Same with Natalia on her flight over here. Paulo, however, had a bit worse of a journey…
His flight was with KLM and as such was through Amsterdam with a change of flights there. Problem was that with the foul weather causing so much travel disruption in England, his connecting flight to London was cancelled. He had to wait six hours or so for another one. Even more of a problem was that when he was put on to another flight, they did not put his checked luggage, including his bike, on with him. Not quite sure what happened to it… He put in a complaint and for some reason they did not give him a reference number, and they asked for him to give them his baggage receipts so they could keep them with his file … And they would call him once the bags had arrived.
This was Monday. Yesterday, Tuesday, nothing arrived. The train to Penzance is today, Wednesday. So it’s not a great situation. We have a certain amount of flexibility in the route meaning that we can take one extra day in Penzance to wait and see if Paulo’s bags arrive later on Wednesday or early Thursday, and then start the main route on Friday, though this would mean losing one of our rest days. Not ideal but then it isn’t an ideal situation in any sense of the word. Another alternative is for Natalia and I to start the route on schedule, if we know for certain that his bike hasn’t yet come, and then meet Paulo one or two days down the route. Not ideal either as that would be us down a team-mate. If the worst comes to the worst Paulo would be able to borrow equipment from family here, but hopefully things don’t come to this as he has all his tools, clothes and everything for the ride in his bags.
Fingers crossed we will have some good news later today.

  1. matt says:

    That really sucks, I hope all his gear turns up in one piece. Good luck on day 1 of your journey!

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