A day at Land’s End

Posted: January 24, 2013 by Ben Weber in Cycling, English, Training
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The beginning of the journey

The beginning of the journey

It turned out that Paulo arrived this morning at 3am, and with his bike still in a box and with our bikes still needing maintenance, we decided that it would be best dedicating the day to maintenance and also riding around Land’s End – taking advantage of good weather to film and take some pictures. Fortunately the damage to the bikes from the flights wasn’t too hard to deal with in the daylight and it didn’t take too long to sort out once we got down to it, so we’re in good shape for the start of the journey which we have put off until tomorrow. Ultimately, we have actually started the ride – just all of 2km from the start point at Land’s End to a little way along the A30 which is part of the route to Penzance, before we turned off down towards a beach, and with that in mind, we took all of our gear anyway down to the Land’s End sign to pose for the cameras..!

The slight delay won’t be the end of the world – we will just not have a day off in Bristol. The good thing with Bristol is that when we go through there, it will be on a day that we won’t be riding very far – just 50km, so we will be able to stop there and wander around a little. It really does look a beautiful city and it would be nice to spend more time there, but ah well, needs must…

Flying high with a stunt kite by Land's End

Flying high with a stunt kite by Land’s End

I also got a stunt kite! Nice long 2m wing-span, light-weight, carbon-fibre HQ Sports kite… (Ordered and arrived just the moment we left my brother’s house in London!!!) It will be a bummer riding around with it as it is long even when packed up, but at least very thin so we have worked out a decent way of carrying it (on the top of the baggage rack and just running over the central span of the bike frame, not interfering with my riding).

It’s a beautiful thing – nicely acrobatic and can fly in some pretty strong winds. We got an opportunity to fly it just near the Land’s End direction sign. A lot of fun, and it brought back a load of memories when I was a kid, but quite tough – it really does pull! Got it doing circles and a few tricks, but unfortunately, just as I was getting into it, one of the knots which wasn’t done properly let loose meaning that as the kite came to ground, it did so doing circle after circle, getting the lines all twisted up..! Hmmm! It is now in treatment (Natalia is the only one capable of untangling these things!) and hopefully it will be fully fit to fly another day…!

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