First full day of cycling: Land’s End to (nr.) Bodmin

Posted: January 26, 2013 by Ben Weber in Charity, Cycling, English, Training
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Day 01

What can I say..? Wow!! “Wow” simply because the conditions were so tough. We wanted a challenge in doing the Land’s End – John O’Groats journey in winter, but this was… yes, it was a challenge and a half!

Day 01 - Stats95km or so… (including a stop for lunch in Red Ruth) in what felt like winds with gale-force gusts throughout; the direction of which changed all the time as it swirled around us; with driving rain, cold (average temperature was 4.8C) and low light… riding along the A30 from Land’s End and it felt like a never-ending torrent of traffic passing by us. This latter point surprised me as I just didn’t expect so much traffic, and it just seemed so loud – my right ear was ringing with the constant thunder of the cars and trucks. Not sure why it was quite so loud – seemed much worse than say going along the Marginal in São Paulo: the noise just seemed to be magnified somehow. I think it was because of the balaclava I was wearing covering my head and somehow making it worse with the noise vibrating through that and being further channelled into my ear… but that’s just a pet theory and am not sure!

The place we are staying at is a few kilometres away from the main A30 trunk road we were riding along, but the last kilometres after leaving the highway were difficult. Very hard – through pitch black along a narrow country road that in some places was covered by water that was flooding a little over; low-lying cloud that meant the visibility was even further reduced and, even though each of us have three front lights, they pierced only a short way into this mist – it seemed like part of a horror film! The road had plenty of fine grit which played havoc with our brakes as well – hopefully they haven’t worn down too much, but we will need to stock up on brake pads tomorrow, that’s for sure.

It took us a long time, with a low average moving speed of just over 15.3km, but this is consideration of the conditions and the fact that we are carrying all of our stuff with us, unsupported! We were delighted to finally reach our destination – meeting Jacob and his family who invited us through Couchsurfers… great guy and a great family! It was so nice that they had also prepared a lovely dinner for us when we arrived as well – certainly appreciated!!!

So tomorrow it will be onwards to Exeter – a little further than today at 111km, though apparently the weather is meant to be better… here’s hoping!!!

Oh and one final note – I will write another separate post about this, but it is worth a mention here!! We are looking to raise funds for Cool Earth – an organization that works with local communities to protect the rainforests; something that means a lot to us, especially coming from Brazil and seeing what is happening to the forests there. Our Just Giving page is at – please help us in helping them!!! 

Day 01 - Temperature

Day 01 - Elevation

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