Day 3, 53km and a slightly more relaxing day to Taunton

Posted: January 27, 2013 by Ben Weber in Cycling, English, Training
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Early start

Only 53km today, from Exeter to Taunton. We figured that with our heavy bags, it would be better for us to not consistently do 90-110km journeys (at least not in the first week or so), especially considering that the main complaint of end-to-enders is that of fatigue after the first three or four days as people are not used to riding so long on consecutive days. Okay, we are in pretty good condition from our pre-departure training, but still. Best not push ourselves too much at the start.

Exeter to TauntonIn Exeter we stayed with Sheila and Garth Thorne – a lovely couple who live near the centre and who we met through Warm Showers. It is a small world really as their brother knew my dad from the Orkney Islands, as while we lived there, my father tuned people’s pianos on the various different islands up there. He continued to do so, going up there every summer especially for this until he passed away in 2001. So when they saw my surname on warm showers, they recognised it. Very small world! Garth had also completed the LEJOG and had some good stories of his experiences on the journey. They made us feel very welcome in the house (though there was a bit of confusion as they were expecting two instead of three of us – not sure what happened, but fortunately they were able to accommodate us) and it was a fun farewell in the morning when it was rather amusing seeing us with all our bags fitting on to the bikes (and then trying to get on them..!)

The weather was great, in spite of one brief, cold rain shower as we went along. It didn’t last long at all and it quickly turned to being sunny with clouds for the rest of the time. The route took us through a number of very picturesque country villages as well – quite a contrast to the A30, where we just went through the country and didn’t get to experience much of this part of English life. The scenery, the sites, the sounds, the smells… even the temperamental weather… It all definitely reminded me why I do like England a lot (we shall see if I will still say this by the end of the journey!!).

We actually managed to arrive in Taunton by around 2.30pm, so time to make ourselves settled at the bed and breakfast here, and have  a nice pub lunch. We had decided before getting here that we would have our main lunch upon arrival, which turned out to be a bit of a shame as we passed a couple of lovely looking pubs along the way with delicious smells of sunday roasts coming out into the road. The pub we went to in Taunton itself was still nice and the food was filling – a roast beef meal… perfect!

So, about 260km complete… around another 1,240km more to do…!

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