Cool Earth

Posted: January 28, 2013 by Ben Weber in Charity, Cycling, English
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Before I write anything else, I just would like to mention once again that whilst this winter LEJOG ride is partly for training, we are also raising funds for Cool Earth – a fantastic charity that works with local communities to help protect rainforests. As a team, the environmental changes that are happening have always been of concern – indeed, this is something that we hope to highlight further when we embark on the full journey as we will go through many areas that have been massively affected by human activities – and if we can help Cool Earth in any way with their work, we would be so happy.

I know, lots of people do the Land’s End – John O’Groats cycle ride. It seems very common these days (the place we stayed in Land’s End is already almost completely booked up from February onwards with end-to-enders…). However, we have come from the heat and sun of Brazil (must have been around 30C-35C when we left), the beaches of the Brazilian coast… to endure this 1,500km journey in the cold, rain, wind, snow and goodness knows what else the weather might have in store for us, in order to complete this ride – something I don’t imagine occurs quite often! Indeed, I think everybody we have met, stayed with and talked to about the journey have simply thought we are nuts! (And they are probably right!!)

So with this in mind, please support us with this and give generously at our Just Giving page at Remember that with Just Giving, any donations go straight to the charity!!! We really would appreciate your help!

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