Day four and on to Timsbury, near Bath

Posted: January 28, 2013 by Ben Weber in Cycling, English, Training
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On route to Timsbury, going through GlastonburyI will try not to write much today though knowing me, I will probably ramble a bit! We have completed another 65km, which brings us to around 300km in total – only another 1,200km to complete!

Am feeling quite exhausted as I write. even though today was relatively short – there were some long nasty climbs uphill as we got into the Mendips, and they took their effect on us. My knees are also still fragile from Day 2 when I stuck with my seat too high for too long. I guess it serves me right, though, for not having made any adjustments when I noticed, so I won’t complain further. The countryside was lovely, and we also went through Glastonbury, which was a nice little surprise. Not quite the time of year of the festival, but still… it was good, and because we were going a relatively short distance, we had time to stop off at a pub in the town, which had some great food.

It was an okay day weather-wise: it started off nice – overcast but not too much wind or rain, though in the afternoon it all closed in again and it got blustery with strong gusts of wind, and the rain got harder. Fortunately the wind was coming from behind us for most of the time, so we actually got a helping hand going up the steep hills, which was a nice change.

After having stayed at our in-personal B&B in Taunton, we are now with a family again in this small village, Jon and Alison who we met through Warm Showers. As with the other people we have stayed with, the couple have been extremely nice, supportive and friendly, and it was great being able to have a shower and some delicious food when we arrived. I also showed Jon the Garmin and the software, which I think he liked!

Tomorrow will be a much longer day – we will go about 120km to Worcester – but the website says that the amount of climbing will be much less than what we have been doing over long distances, so hopefully it won’t be too hard.

Am afraid my eyes are closing so it is hard to write much more! Am sure I will fall asleep as soon as I put down the computer (if not beforehand!!)…! But before I sleep, another note about our Charity, Cool Earth – please support us in donating to them! Any help you can provide would be fantastic! Our Just Giving page is at and remember that donations through this site go straight to the Charity and not to us!!

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