Day 5 Report – 120km from Timsbury to Worcester

Posted: January 29, 2013 by Ben Weber in Cycling, English, Training
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Map - Timsbury - Worcester

Day five, distance-wise, was a bit of a marathon. A long way to haul ourselves and our gear.

As with most of our previous nights, our stay from day 4 was with people we had met through couchsurfers was wonderful, this time with Alison and Jon who live in the small village of Timsbury, which is just south of Bristol. Great to chat with and they cooked a really lovely meal, and it was certainly nice and refreshing staying with them. The roads to and from their place are a bit hilly, coming and going through the Mendips, but definitely worth it!

En route to WorcesterWe managed to head out reasonably early at 8.30am, after we had spent ages getting our stuff together. The worst part of the ride was going towards Bristol and along the Bristol ring road. Not sure if cyclists are meant to be on that road as there is a cycle path that goes along it, but for some reason, we managed to leave this path and ride a good few kilometers along the road itself – not particularly pleasant. This part seemed to be the most hillyof the day as well.

After escaping the ring road, we got on to a nice flat A road working its way north and eventually to the west side of the M5 which runs north to south from Birmingham to Exeter. Our average moving speed seemed to be around 20kph, which was nice in comparison to our suffering aling the hillier roads! The weather wasn’t great, but it hardly stopped us all all, really. It was just incredible seeing all the flooded areas where rivers had burst their banks. Fortunately none of the towns we passed through had been overwhelemd (at least not today), though water levels looked dangerously high at least to me.

And so arriving at Worcester where we stayed with Caryl and Lyndon (met through Warm Showers). Again, a really nice couple who are cycling enthusiasts, who have had some great cycling adventures across the world. It was after dark by the time we arrived – again, never a particularly nice experience especially with the headlights from traffic coming towards us generally making vision even harder by blinding us… The road to Caryl and Lyndon’s house was also pitch black, though away from all the traffic and it was nice to find their lovely house through the trees.

The ride, combined with a delicious evening meal combined with a spot of wine left me pretty exhausted so I just about collapsed into bed at the end of the day, knowing that we still had three more days cycling before we would get our first day of rest in Lancaster…

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