83km in strong head-winds: Day 6 to Shrewsbury

Posted: January 31, 2013 by Ben Weber in Cycling, English, Training
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Map - Worcester - ShrewsburyDay 6 was relatively short, distance-wise. Though what it lacked in kilometers, it certainly made up for in terms of hills and winds. There were a few big climbs though the worst part of the ride was the headwinds which slowed us down to around 6 or 7kph along flats and we even needed to pedal on some of the downhills.

The night we had spent in Shrewsbury was extremely pleasant. We stayed with Caryl and Lyndon, who live in a lovely house just outside the boundaries of Worcester city and, as with our other hosts we had met with couchsurfer and warmshowers, they had prepared a delicious meal for us. The hospitality and friendliness of the couple, as with the other people we have stayed with over the last few days, was wonderful. We hope that we will be as good a hosts when we have guests from couchsurfing, and it is great meeting and chatting with people who live in the areas we are passing through. When we stayed in a hotel in Taunton, it certainly lacked that social element to it.

Stats - Worcester - ShrewsburyFrom their place we cycled along another dual carriage way up to Kidderminster and then up the A442 and A458 north-west to Shrewsbury. The town is slightly away to the west from our main direction, but it will be no problem getting back to the right track when we head to Manchester later this morning. The road, which was picturesque and went through a number of very pretty small towns, eventually turned into a standard single lane road after Kidderminster and climbed over a couple of pretty steep hills; the second one of which had a nice 12% descent on the other side. The problem wasn’t really with the hills, however: it was with the wind. There was a reasonably strong wind all day, but after Kidderminster it just seemed to be a constant head or cross wind that slowed us down massively and caused a few alarming moments as my front wheel was pushed towards the centre of the road quite frequently – a bit nasty as there was a lot of traffic.

With speeds reduced on a few occasions to around 8km per hour on the flats because of the head wind our average speed was very low. At the beginning of the day I had a bit of knee problem which didn’t help and as the day progressed, Paulo’s knees were hurting a bit which caused him to slow down a fair bit as well. So ultimately, a relatively short day took quite a bit longer than we hoped and we  arrived with Jon and Angie in Shrewsbury just after dark at about 6pm.  It was great to meet them.

Sorry for no pics again – too tired to download much from all the equipment, but more with the next post..!

Charts - Worcester - Shrewsbury

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