Matt and Becki

Posted: February 4, 2013 by Ben Weber in Cycling, English, Training
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With Matt

Us with Matt getting ready to leave in the morning (hope you don’t mind us using the pic you took, Becki!!)

I know am a little behind on my posts – there is so much to write about, I imagine I will take a bit of time before I get up to date – but… before I talk about the journey from Manchester to Lancaster, I would like to write a post about a couple of our hosts…

At Heald Green, as I mentioned in my last post, we stayed with Matt and his fiancé, Becki – a really amazing and great couple. Matt had been in contact with us and chatted with us for a few weeks before we arrived, and gave advice about tyres and routes to take. It was thanks to Matt that we took the route to Heald Green to pass by Jodrell Bank, and that we got the Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres for our bikes. They are on Natalia’s bike and mine (now on both wheels on Natalia’s, though beforehand just her back wheel as we were in a bit of a hurry and they are quite tough to get on). We changed her front tyre to the Schwalbe ones when, funnily enough, she got a puncture on it when we were just about to leave Matt and Becki’s place. For me, I have had no problems at all with them – touch wood…

Matt and Becki like their sports, and their son Theo is about four years old. They did a fantastic four thousand mile plus journey through Canada and the east coast of the US with Theo when he was two, with Theo in a trailer at the back. Quite a really amazing feat if you ask me or anyone, I think!!! And Theo is a wonderful kid as well – definitely not shy! Was very funny when we were sat in the living room and Theo looked at us all and said “one of you is going to play with me!” Excellent!

Map - Manchester - Lancaster

The chosen route from Manchester

Had an opportunity to discuss with Matt about how we could escape the metropolitan area of Manchester as it isn’t exactly the best area for biking, unless one likes the thrill of riding through urban traffic.  There was a bit of a discussion about the exact route– we could have gone the flat way, through or around Preston, and generally through more urban areas. I was definitely against this from the start, and favoured the longer, hillier route going through a small village called Clitheroe, in the trough of Bowland, though am sure Nat and Paulo would have preferred a flatter way. I had cycled to and from Clitheroe on a couple of occasions as a young kid with one of my elder brothers (either Franklyn or Mark or both… seems all a bit of a blur now!). What I definitely remembered, though, is that it is a simply a lovely bike ride. Discussing the possibilities with Matt, Natalia and Paulo, and we eventually settled for a compromise, going up through Bolton and crossing into Lancashire just south of Blackburn, before riding through the Pennines to get to Lancaster… hilly, but less so than the Clitheroe route, and still very pretty…

But back to the point of the post – Matt, Becki – was great staying with you and I hope we can stay in touch!

  1. Thanks guys, was great having you and we’ll be sure to keep in touch 🙂

  2. […] Our most recent hosts were the ultra cool (and ambitious!) 360 extremes, a party of 3 from Sao Paulo in Brazil, made up of Ben, Paulo, & Natália. When they arrived at our home, they were mid-way through a Lejog ride bearing the brunt of a harsh British winter. This was winter training for a much grander expedition they have planned for 2014, check out their website for more details on that: We ensured they were well fed & showered, and probably stayed up a little too late sharing travel stories and working our way through a crate of Becks lager! We never ask for or expect anything in return, apart from the mandatory entry in our guest book! However, they were kind enough to write a post about their stay with us on their blog which I thought was lovely: […]

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