First opportunity to rest, in Lancaster

Posted: February 10, 2013 by Ben Weber in Cycling, English, Training
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Lancaster Castle

Lancaster Castle

With eight days of non-stop riding from the south-western-most point of the country for over 750km, we had reached the half-way point of the entire journey, we finally arrived in Lancaster and the house of my brother, Franklyn, and his family. It must have been around four years or so since I was last in the city – a historic town in the north-west of England – and it was nice to be back. Franklyn had not changed much, though his children all seem so much taller now, and his eldest son is now at high school, playing football for a local junior team. I was pleased that the kids remembered me!

We didn’t do too much there. Paulo’s knee was hurting quite a bit from the exertions over the previous week or so, so much so that we had to take an extra day to give him more time to recover, at the expense of one day going through the Lake District. Instead of having a night in Keswick, which would have been a bit of a diversion from going straight north… we would decided that we would go straight north to Carlisle.

Isaac (in orange) scores a fine goal from just around the penalty spot

Isaac scores a fine goal from just around the penalty spot

In the town, we just wandered around a bit; on the first day I bumped in to three people who I used to either go to school with or work with, purely by chance. I guess Lancaster is a pretty small town, with around 40,000 people there so the chances were reasonably high. We went up to Williamson’s park and tried to fly the stunt kite, though unfortunately there was no wind whatsoever (I had a hope that it might pick up a little being higher up over the town), and on the second day I went to watch Isaac, the eldest of these nephews, play football.  The game was a cup match and was held on a pitch that was heavy due to the recent weather, though Isaac’s team managed to win 4-1, with Isaac scoring a pretty good goal to cap off a decent day. Only half an hour each half, though I wasn’t complaining as it was pretty cold standing there!

The last night, Franklyn had to go down to Norwich where he worked during the week, and it was sad saying goodbye – probably will only be another four years or so before I see him again if all goes well with this whole project. Saying goodbye to his sons and wife was also sad, for the same reasons. I guess Isaac will be going to University by then, and his two younger brothers will be at high school… things change so fast.

Back in 2007... Things change!

Back in 2007 with Dave and Tom… Things change!

So I spent the last night having a couple of drinks with a good friend from as far back as primary school, Tom Wilkinson. Again, I hadn’t seen Tom for a long time, and was great to see him again, although all too brief! It was brilliant to hear that he was engaged and will be getting married later in the year; though I guess I won’t be able to make it for the wedding as we will be back in Brazil. Real shame about that, and it was a shame that a couple of other old friends like Leon and Dave weren’t able to make it, but ah well. We chatted for a fair few hours though unfortunately as it got close to 10pm, I was struggling to stay awake – I guess my body was still feeling the effects of the previous days’ riding, and was expecting the journey up to Carlisle that was to come. Again, it was really sad to say goodbye, knowing it will be such a long time before we will be able to catch up again, and lots of things will happen over this time.

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