Day 11 – From Galashiels to Edinburgh – two thirds of the way through

Posted: February 14, 2013 by Ben Weber in Cycling, English, Training
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With Strachan and Alex

With Strachan and Alex in the morning… preparing to go to Edinburgh

At Galashiels we stayed with Strachan and his girlfriend Alex. As with our previous hosts we had met through Warm Showers and Couch Surfing, they were fantastic people – incredibly generous and helpful, and had some great stories to tell. They built their own bikes and are planning a world bike tour, which I really hope they get to do as they would definitely enjoy it. As with many of the other places we stayed, though, I felt tired pretty quickly – not sure what time it was when I went to bed, but it wasn’t late. I think the daylight hours have a lot to do with it – getting dark at around 5.30pm –  I guess I feel more tired quicker… also I guess riding 80-110km in one day with the heavy panniers probably contributes…! Hope I didn’t seem anti-social, though!!!

Map - Galashiels - Edinburgh

The route from Galashiels to Edinburgh

The journey from Galashiels to Edinburgh was short… only 50km or so. We discussed the route with Strachan and we had a choice of whether to continue along the A7, which was shorter but has more traffic in general and is not the widest road in the world; the A68, which added on 5km plus about 300m or so of extra climbs in total but safer and wider than the A7; or the A703 via Peebles, which is quieter and more of a scenic route. After the long day coming to Galashiels from Carlisle, however, we decided that the shorter route would be the most preferable, and opted to go along the A7…

It wasn’t the easiest of 50km in the world, however, as we had tough head winds pretty much the entire journey; icy ones at that. Though there was much less climbing to do than the other options, there was still enough to do, and the headwinds did not make life easy for us going up them. Also, there were very few places on the route where we could stop to get a hot drink or anything like that. What was okay about it though that while there was traffic on the road, the time that we rode on it, between 10am and about 2pm, meant that we avoided the rush hour traffic in and outside Edinburgh city, definitely making things more pleasant than what could have been. Furthermore, though it apparently was not the scenic route, there was still lovely landscape to go through, though with the cold of the winds, we didn’t stop too much to take so many photographs… sorry!

Finally, the other good thing about the road was that while there was gradual climbing for about 30km, after this it was all pretty much downhill for the rest of the route to Musselburgh (just outside the centre of Edinburgh itself), the town of our next hosts, Charlie and Mel…

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