Final day in the Cairngorms and up to Inverness – Day 14 on the road

Posted: February 23, 2013 by Ben Weber in Cycling, English, Training
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Waking up in Newtonmore, ready for the day ahead

Waking up in Newtonmore, ready for the day ahead

Total distance covered (start of day): 1,282km

Distance travelled over the day: 74.46km

Total distance remaining at end of day: 197.93km

The route from Newtonmore to Inverness

The route from Newtonmore to Inverness

In Newtonmore, we stayed at Clune House ( – a family run B&B which was excellent. Unfortunately, not really any members of Warmshowers or Couchsurfing in the area to stay with, but this was a great alternative. The staff were very helpful with our bikes and gave us some good tips of what we could do in the town for the evening, and the breakfast in the morning was very nice as well. The room was very comfortable, and the rate (through gave excellent value for money. So, if anyone is in the area, I would definitely recommend you take a look!

In the morning when we left, it was pretty cold and pretty cloudy above us; a few snow flakes fell though nothing that looked like it could pose any problem for us. Keith, one of the owners of Clune House told us about how the cycle route continued, so we didn’t have to go on to the A9 again. And it did indeed continue, through the nearby towns of Kingussie and Aviemore as well as a small and picturesque place called Carrbridge, further down the road. Definitely much more pleasant and quiet than the A9, though as with the preceding day, we did eventually have to come back to the A9 as the route faded away under the snow and ice.

Passing traffic

Passing traffic

Being a Sunday, there didn’t seem like there was too much traffic on the A9, though they were still going pretty fast. Again as it went to a dual carriage way, we felt more comfortable as cars invariably went into the right-hand lane to pass us. I tried to imagine that happening in Brazil and … was unsuccesful: we would have been run over at least a dozen times…!

The route over the day was nice and short as well. Only 75km which, in comparison to other days, was lovely. What was more was that the first 35km were pretty flat, and while there was a gradual 10km climb (very gradual – only 175metres or so up), after this it was more or less straight downhill to Inverness – over the next 30km, we climbed only 148metres but descended a good 550m… The hills down were not the steepest in the world – my top speed only reached 54kmph – though it was nice to be able to relax and enjoy the hills while they lasted: we got to Inverness at a very respectable time of 3.30pm after having an average moving speed of 18.8kmph – reasonbly high in comparison to normal days of around 16 kmph – giving us some daylight hours to enjoy. Not many daylight hours, mind, but daylight hours all the same and it felt good.

Furthermore, and more importantly, had left the Cairngorms and the treacherous weather that they frequently present, meaning that if we had any luck, the rest of the joruney would be like a walk in the park…

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