Rio half marathon

Posted: April 5, 2013 by Ben Weber in English, Training
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Rio Half Marathon

This Sunday I will be running in the Rio half marathon… slightly nervous really as I have never run this far before, and am not sure about my capacity to do it well. With a bit of a flu the last week or so, I haven’t been able to train as much as I would have liked to. I know we completed the LEJOG a few weeks ago, but cycling is very different from running especially as cycling is a non-impact sport, whereas running is… well, very much impact!

São Silvestre - Paulista

The São Silvestre run in São Paulo – slightly shorter at 15km, but a few more hills…

In the São Silvestre at the end of 2012, it was a lot of fun, a nice route up and down through São Paulo with a great long up hill at the end. The Rio half marathon am sure will be beautiful – running along the coast of the city from Barra da Tijuca through to São Conrado. Pretty much completely flat except for a couple of small hills towards the end, so it doesn’t look the hardest course in the world. I guess the biggest problem will be the heat, though it is starting at 7am so it should be around 25C or so. Hot enough, but not blistering… hopefully!I managed a few seconds over 85 minutes over the 15km of the São Silvestre, which averages out at around 10.5km per hour, so if I manage something similar or just a little bit slower than this, then I will be happy. I guess that doing it in two hours would be pretty respectable, but let’s see. As I say, maybe confidence isn’t as high as it should be!

Off to Rio tonight by bus – it’s a good 6 hour ride and there, so it’s the midnight bus (one of the great things about Brazil are the inter-city buses – pop on a “Leito” from São Paulo to Rio and you will be in chairs that go back almost 90 degrees; pick up the kit from a place (somewhere!) in Rio and then just relax before the main event. I suppose I can’t complain; Rio for a weekend won’t be bad!

A view over Rio from the Corcovado - lovely city!

A view over Rio from the Corcovado – lovely city!

  1. Ani Danelz says:

    Good luck!! I’m sure it will be beautiful race, looking forward to lots of pictures!

  2. Alex's Cycle says:

    Good luck! You got it right, the transition from cycling to running is a big one. I’ve heard in the lead up to big races professional cyclists get carried around so that they don’t get used to walking meaning their muscles stay conditioned to cycling. Hope you get a good time!

    • Ben Weber says:

      Thanks Alex!!! Back in Sao Paulo now – managed to complete the race and was pretty pleased with how it went, though would be pleased if people could carry me around now – am exhausted!!!!

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