Data Disaster update and LEJOG

Posted: April 10, 2013 by Ben Weber in English, Photography, videos
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Well, as I mentioned one or two times, we suffered a bit of a disaster with the hard drive and a CF disk containing all the raw video and photos from the LEJOG ride. Well, the disaster is now  official in that the data recovery company have come back to us and said that both are too damaged to retrieve anything from. So 300GB of data is now officially lost.

Painful and quite traumatic to be honest.

Oh well. I guess moving on, there have been lessons learned. Also, at least we managed to post a few pictures from the ride on to the site. And I guess we will always have the memories of it to go with us. Jeez! This is feeling like a funeral and to be honest I do feel like crying! Trying to look on the bright side – if this happening now means it doesn’t happen during the expedition itself, then I suppose there is some sort of silver lining.

One of my favorite pictures that survived (at least the smaller jpg as opposed to the RAW image)

  1. Alex's Cycle says:

    That is such a shame, bet you got some great shots riding through all the snow we’ve had.

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