Out with the old and in with the new

Posted: April 24, 2013 by Ben Weber in Casa de Pedra, Equipment, sports
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North Face Hayasa trail-running shoes - find them at Casa de Pedra in São Paulo

North Face Hayasa trail-running shoes – find them at Casa de Pedra in São Paulo

New running shoes..!


My old Saucony shoes… slightly worse for wear..

My old Saucony shoes have, after a year and bit of solid use running and casual walking, bitten the dust. Shame really as they were great shoes to run in. Nice and light, comfortable, pretty sturdy, and I liked the colour scheme of them. First of all holes started to appear at the front end of both trainers where my big toe is, then  gradually the fabric became weaker and weaker until finally on one of them the side fabric became detached from the sole and the shoe isn’t really useable any more, unfortunately. So it is a farewell to a good pair of trainers.

The North Face - Hayasa Running Shoes

The North Face – Hayasa Single Track Running Shoes

In their place I have got The North Face Hayasa trail running shoes from Casa de Pedra – a nice red colour which stands out well enough as well. Nice and light, with a pretty good grip, strong and also reinforced toe-ends to help protect from bumps and the like (as well as hopefully stopping my big toes from poking holes in to them!). The laces are great – a sort of soft stretchy material which just doesn’t come undone. And very importantly for me, very comfortable with a nice and snug fit. They are most decided neutral in the way they are built, so just about right for my feet. In short, it was love at first fit when I tried them on. I needed to get them before the half marathon in Rio, which I did manage to do. Unfortunately, it was only a couple of days before the race. And it really isn’t recommended to start hard running in new shoes without having worn them in. So on the day before the race, the Saturday, I just walked around in Rio for the day, just trying to get used to them and them used to me. Chugging alongIt seemed to work, though how much this was to do with my “walking-in” or the general ultra-good fit of the shoe, am not sure. As I mentioned in a previous post, I managed to get a time of 1h54m59s – a time that I was very pleased with as I imagined taking two hours and I had not done much dedicated running training, and especially not over that kind of distance. And at the end of it all, my feet felt fine, as did my knees. Just the muscles were tired, as you can imagine! But the shoes had done their job and kept my feet nicely protected with just a couple of toe blisters on one foot, but nothing bad. I never really imagined the North Face making good running shoes, and though these are more for trail running (and have received good reviews for this as well – check this one out), they were great for running along the roads in Rio and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone interested.

Casa de Pedra

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