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O ingrediente escolhido pela Dra. Isabella Alencar essa semana é a amêndoa.
As amêndoas são fontes de fósforo, cálcio, vitamina B2, fibra, proteínas e vitamina E. Além de fontes de gorduras boas, possuem propriedades relaxantes sendo uma ótima opção em momentos de estresse..
Por ser tão um alimento tão rico, escolhemos ele para te dar opções de leite vegetal!
Espero que goste!

Well, as I mentioned one or two times, we suffered a bit of a disaster with the hard drive and a CF disk containing all the raw video and photos from the LEJOG ride. Well, the disaster is now  official in that the data recovery company have come back to us and said that both are too damaged to retrieve anything from. So 300GB of data is now officially lost.

Painful and quite traumatic to be honest.

Oh well. I guess moving on, there have been lessons learned. Also, at least we managed to post a few pictures from the ride on to the site. And I guess we will always have the memories of it to go with us. Jeez! This is feeling like a funeral and to be honest I do feel like crying! Trying to look on the bright side – if this happening now means it doesn’t happen during the expedition itself, then I suppose there is some sort of silver lining.

One of my favorite pictures that survived (at least the smaller jpg as opposed to the RAW image)

Hoje finalmente estreia o Entre Papos e Panelas, um programete semanal que teremos aqui no site.

A Dra. Isabella Alencar – nossa nutricionista funcional – comandará as facas e panelas da nossa cozinha para ensinar receitas super práticas, saudáveis e que certamente ajudará na nossa – e porque não sua – performance esportiva.

E por falar em performance nada mais justo que a primeira receita seja daquela que é adorada pela maioria dos atletas de alta performance: a batata-doce.O baixo índice glicêmico dela nos permite ter energia por mais tempo durante a atividade esportiva!

Abaixo uma lista de benefícios sobre esse tubérculo só lembrado nas nossas mesas durante as festas juninas:

  • Fonte de carboidratos, fibras;
  •  Rica em vitaminas do complexo B e sais minerais, como cálcio, ferro, potássio e fósforo.
  •  Regula o sistema nervoso e Digestivo;
  •  Previne a hipertensão;

Cada 100g de batata doce tem em média 116 calorias – 1,16g de proteínas, 30,10g de carboidratos e 0,32g de lipídios.

Over Shap

Posted: February 6, 2013 by Ben Weber in Cycling, videos
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Going along the A6 over Shap, between Lancaster and Carlisle, is tough on normal days, though when the wind is as strong as it was yesterday, it certainly makes it a bit hard. We didn’t stay too long at the top to enjoy the views, especially with clouds closing in and hail storms forecast…

Passing by Jodrell Bank, 25 years or so after had a day out there...

Passing by the Jodrell Bank radio telescope station, 25 years or so after had a day out there…

Before I write more, sorry it has been a couple of days since anything was posted: quite tired so I fell behind a little; am catching up now though!

Map - Shrewsbury - Heald GreenSo yes, onwards to Manchester… Well not quite Manchester – a place called Heald Green – but it was close (and long) enough for a day’s journey, at just over 100km away from Shrewsbury. The most important thing about the route though was that it was flat, with half the amount of usual daily climbing to do. This made for a nice change, though not something that would last long as the day after the route from Heald Green to Lancaster would see us go through Bolton and up through the Pennines towards Lancaster. Also, with bodies aching a little from the journey it was nice to get a bit of respite.

At Shrewsbury, we stayed with Jon and Angie who we met through Warm Showers. Jon is a television director, and it was nice having a good chat about filming and everything. He brought out this fantastic view-finder gadget for the EOS 5Diii (probably compatible with the other 5Ds but most importantly it was with this one!)  that latched onto the screen at the back (which is, by itself, quite hard to get focus on when you are filming video) and had a long(ish) stem that at the end was able to fit comfortable over the eye – making the camera look more like a film camera. Extremely useful as the camera suddenly becomes much more comfortable to use and easier to film with. Not bad price either, so I think that will be the next thing am going to get back home….!

But anyway, back to the journey… We woke up at 6.30am with it raining and blowing a gale outside. It sounded like it was going to be one of the most miserable days ever. We looked at the BBC weather and it said that there would be sun and light wind, which we did not believe by the sounds of what was outside. So off we went downstairs all prepared for the worst; had a breakfast consisting of toast, toast and more toast. The more carbs the better, and I think all our appetites have increased substantially! By the time we had eaten, though, the rain and the wind had stopped and the sun was rising showing no clouds at all in the sky.

It got better as we left Shrewsbury, with what gentle wind there was generally behind us giving us a helping hand.

Canal at AudlemAs well as flat, the route was lovely. Through Shropshire and Cheshire, we got to go through some really nice little villages and experience the sites, sounds and smells of the English country side. The highlight for me though was passing (due to a tip given to us by our next host, Matt) Jodrell Bank – a large radio telescope station near Manchester. It was lucky going by there and one of the places my dad took my mum, sisters and myself when we were much younger. I remember my father getting us lost walking through the back roads, saying “it’s just around the corner…” trying to find it, and all of us getting more and more tired as we walked along.. Fortunately this time the GPS led us through with no problems!

We got to Heald Green at a pretty reasonable time and there we stayed with a fantastic couple (who we also met through Warm Showers…), Matt and Becki, and their son Theo…

Eu escrevi sobre o Camino a los Yungas quando ainda estava na Bolívia e de lá mesmo consegui mandar o trecho do meu pequeno acidente… Agora conseguimos fazer um vídeos mostrando mais essa rota cheia de perigos e belezas. O segredo para terminar o caminho sem machucados é ser prudente o tempo todo e não confiar demais em si. No nosso grupo de 7 pessoas tivemos 3 quedas, nada muito grave: eu cortei minha boca e tive arranhões e roxos por todo o corpo; o Ben caiu de leve mas ficou com a barriga dolorida e um americano que nos acompanhava queimou e perdeu boa parte da pele de um dos braços ao cair e arrastar o corpo por sobre as pedras. É uma experiência super válida e um lugar cheio de surpresas…

Okay, it has taken us a little while to go through all the video we got from Bolivia – quite a massive amount of content gathered, and so many hours in the day to go through it all, work at the office, and train, and organize everything. I hope you can forgive us!

This is just a short clip from the top of Huayna Potosi, the first time we had ever been above 6,000 metres, and only the third time we had been on mountains summits higher than 5,000m. So it was a pretty nice achievement, and I still feel pretty chuffed about managing it, though it wasn’t anything massively technical. At that altitude, every step is painful so, technical or not, a lot of work goes into it (and the body loses about 700 calories an hour!)

While it was exhausting, it was still amazing and had beautiful views of the surrounding mountains of the Bolivian Andes. As I guess I have mentioned a couple of times, however, my head for heights is pretty awful. I don’t like them! I have got used to the heights involved in climbing rocks, and that took a bit of practice… So going down the mountain was, with the knife-edge ridge down from the summit at least, absolutely terrifying. Makes me wince just watching this film and I hope you like it!

Thanks again to Casa de Pedra for their support with this project – and again to Kirk, for giving loads of help on the way down!

A little about the hardest challenges on this expedition and the preparations that are going in for them.

Well, finally got the mini-film of our Pedra Grande hike sorted out. Ultimately it was a great day out – good training for the muscles and nice to breathe air from outside of the city, and it was really nice seeing the wildlife in its rawest form, with the struggle for life and death between the wasp and the spider and then being in the forest, seeing the monkeys in the trees and view of São Paulo. Quite a contrast between the forest and the concrete jungle.

I hope you like the video!

Trilha da Pedra Grande

Posted: March 10, 2012 by Natália Almeida in Hiking, Português, Training
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Eu já falei no post anterior um pouco sobre essa trilha, são 9km de caminhada, numa subida sem fim para chegar até a Pedra Grande, de lá uma vista incrível, a fusão nada suave entre a Mata Atlântica e a Metrópole. De certa forma assustador, porque pensamos em  como antes essa mata devia dominar tudo a nossa frente.

Dentro do Parque do Horto, você ainda tem diversas outras trilhas como a Trilha do Bugio, da Bica, das Aguas Claras…

Pra quem mora ou está visitando São Paulo vale muito à pena conhecer.

Agora espero que gostem do vídeo!