The Team


Ben Weber 

Ben is the organizer and leader of the 360 Extremes Expedition. He is 31 years old and was born in Aberdeen, and can be described as having a bit of a British sense of adventure and exploration! Brought up in the Orkney Islands way up in the north of Scotland, Ben has lived and grown up in three other countries: England, China and Brazil, and is the manager of research team in the office. He is a photographer (see a few of his pics here) and has extensive experience in travelling through China and the Himalayas, Russia and Latin America. He is fluent in English, Portuguese (though still keeps his “gringo” accent”) and skilled in Spanish, but his Mandarin skills have slipped somewhat since he left China. Also, he does not really a very good head for heights at the moment (to say the least!), and is trying to overcome this on the climbing wall and in the mountains…! He loves football and supports Manchester United in England and Santos in Brazil.

Read more about Ben’s thoughts and preparations for the Expedition


Natalia Almeida

Natalia is 27 years old and was born in São Paulo, Brazil, where she currently lives. She is the Head of Editing for the Polícia 24h program on the Brazilian mainstream television channel, Bandeirantes – one of the most popular programs which is currently on television in Brazil at the moment. She has considerable experience in TV documentary filming and production, having worked for various producing companies since she started as a trainee ten years ago. Natalia has travelled throughout Latina America and Canada, and is fluent in Portuguese and has good levels of English. She follows football a little less than Ben, and is a Santos supporter.

Natalia will be the first Brazilian to complete the journey around the world along the polar axis.

Read more about Natalia’s thoughts and preparations for the Expedition

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